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Ellipse  |  MAY  2016

Thank you to everyone who dropped in to Ellipse, it was great to welcome many of the participating artists and to show works by our new friends from Berlin, Uli Fischer, Astrid Jacobs, Barbara Noculak, Klaus Noculak, Martin Sauerborn and Gerwine Sinapius.


Ed Clayton and Gill Gregory, two of the artists based at Angelika Studios will be showing work with Robyn Jacobs and Katy Vetch in Battersea.

What Colour is My Car? will be open 10th - 12th June, the preview is Thursday 9th June 6-8pm you are invited!

For further details contact Gill Gregory

PRIMER   |  JULY 2016

You are warmly invited to join us at the studio for PRIMER, a collaborative project between composer James Woodhall and studio artist Marion Piper.

Woodhall approached Piper with the idea of connecting aural and visual elements, and they began their project PRIMER with conversations about the relationships between innovative New York based artists and musicians in the 1950’s, including, Morton Feldman, Phillip Guston, John Cage and Mark Rothko.

Feldman described this period as, ‘…one brief moment – maybe – say six weeks – when nobody understood art.’


Piper posted Woodhall a folded drawing, and Woodhall emailed two music ‘sketches. The work then developed individually, both participants mindful that their own work would be activated by the work of the other during the staging of the event. The role of movement and the provision of spaces within the music and painting became an important consideration. The title PRIMER suggests Piper and Woodall’s interest in fuelling a ‘beginning’, the preparation of a surface and situation that serves as a starting material for a process.

DiG   |  SEPTEMBER 2016

DiG opens tonight!  6.30-8.30pm at Arthouse1, Bermondsey, London. Curated by Jane Boyer the exhibition is showing work by Angelika Studios artist Gill Gregory, with London based artist Didi Edwards. The exhibition runs until 30th September.


'DiG presents two artists whose work seems utterly incongruent and dissimilar, but it isn’t the dissimilarity that is at odds here; it’s what the similarities turn in their furrows. The work of Didi Edwards and Gill Gregory share an uncanny similarity of structure - uncanny precisely because the work is so dissimilar. Didi’s bold, brash strokes of colour evoke an energetic tumultuous disposition, often within a centralised plane of activity. While there are few visible grids in her compositions, there is an underlying grid structure, which gives form and direction to the work, propelling the dynamism with reason and logic.'


Angelika Studio artists Gill Gregory and Marion Piper were shortlisted for this year's Jerwood Drawing Prize. The show runs until 23rd October at The Jerwood Space in London, before travelling to The Edge in Bath, 4 November - 17 December 2016.



Cally Shadbolt will be showing recent studio work in Creative Fury with Joanna Bryant Projects, 20 Clerkenwell Green, London EC1, opens Tuesday 8th November  6-8.30pm


ATTEND opens Thursday 10th November, 6-9 pm at Angelika Studios.

Come and join studio artists for a drink along with Dale McGinnes and Shawn Stipling.

Claudia Boese is currently Artist in Residence, in Gujarat, India, at the invitation of Something Useful Project & Veer Narmad South Gujarat University read her blog here


The exhibition continues Friday 11th and Saturday 12th November, 4pm - 7.30pm (Please note on Friday parking only permitted from 6pm)


Claudia Boese, Dale McGinnes, Shawn Stipling

Employing a heightened sensory alertness to their everyday experience of the world, Claudia Boese (below left), Dale McGinnes (image from projection, below centre)and Shawn Stipling (detail below, right) demonstrate this level of attentiveness through the engagement in the studio with their selected materials and thought processes. Employing colour, pigment, light and touch, they deal with and articulate their responses into paintings that become for us an open visual invitation to be present.

You are warmly invited to FICTION (With Only Daylight Between Us) v2 which is now installed at the studios. Curated as a 'social experiment' by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, an artist and Fine Art Professor at Dayton University, Ohio, the show includes 200 artists from 16 countries. The show has previously been exhibited at Divisible project space in Dayton, Ohio, and Boecker Contemporary in Heidelberg, Germany and is concurrently on show at Elgin Community College, Chicago.

Open this week end Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December, 11am-3pm























It was great to welcome so many visitors to ATTEND in November

showing work by Dale McGinnes (centre)  Shawn Stipling  (left) and Claudia Boese (painting on the right - Claudia was on a residency in India and unable to join us in person), the project was curated by Marion Piper of Angelika Studios (right).












This weekend there are events happening at the studios of other groups housed in the re-purposed furniture factory where our studios are located. Click here to find out more on the new site The Painter the Maker and the Framer
















This week we remember with great affection our friend Brian Harris, who recently died after a long illness. Brian was always ready to help and advise us and to document studio life with one of his many cameras. Here he is pictured with Aimee Parrott photographing her work during the Angelika Space Programme Residency in 2013.

FICTION (With Only Daylight Between Us) v2 curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones and installed at the studios in December. An international social experiment and a fantastic conversation catalyst.

A huge thank you to everyone who has visited the studios and engaged with us in 2016, we look forward to seeing you again in the coming year.  Very best wishes for 2017

Ed, Deborah, Gill, Lindall, Cally, Marion, Ann

Maggie Leamonth text work at the studios in December 2017

Follow our friend Maggie on Twitter


Below are a few images of what has been happening at the studio during the coldest months of the year!

We are currently working on our individual practices and discussing ideas for future collective and external projects. At the end of last year we renovated our screening room to also become operational as a further shared working area. If you are interested in coming for a studio visit do please contact us. We hope to see you soon


Upcoming dates

April - Paradiso III, a group studio show 8th-10th April 2016

May - Ellipse, a two site international group show, curated by Alex Dewart and Danny Rolph, first show in Berlin, second show at Angelika Studios. More details to follow.

Studio experimentation with Cally Shadbolt in Studio 1

Studio talk with Cally Shadbolt

Studio workshop thinking with Lindall Pearce

Studio conversation with Edward Clayton

Studio research in Studio 2 with Deborah Mills

Studio corridor wall study area with Gill Gregory

Studio  presentation in new Studio 2 space, with Marion Piper

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